Many businesses, hotels and restaurants included, do not consider the time and resources dedicated on a regular basis to cash handling and processing. And rarely do organizations have a complete understanding of how many times cash is handled internally. With Prosegur cash management solutions you will have peace of mind knowing all your transactions are promptly and securely managed, with minimal supervision and maximum ease.

Prosegur offer end-to-end to reduce cash handling, reconciliation errors and WH&S risks to staff. Once your cash is received into our KwikBank device, it is electronically transferred into your bank account. This means your cash is secure, your cash-flow increases, your risk to staff decreases and you could potentially save substantially on insurance premiums!

Prosegur have a large range of Cash Automation and Gaming Cash solutions.

With our global presence and ongoing investment into security and cash transaction technologies, our clients see the benefits from our innovative and reliable cash management services. Last year alone Prosegur invested €9Million to innovation and development of new cash management solutions for our clients.

Our gaming industry clients know first-hand that we deliver personalised, state-of-the-art technology, services and solutions that they can depend on.

Your Challenge

You are a high volume cash business. You might have cash being received and given at multiple locations within your premises, and cash turnover is high. The management of physical cash has become a significant challenge.

Among other things:

  • It is taking an increasing amount of staff time – time away from assisting customers
  • It is exposing staff to risk as they are moving cash across unsecured areas of your premises
  • It is exposing the business to risk of theft or other loss
  • There are potential inefficiencies in your cash processes, because while cash management is important to your business, it isn’t a core strength


Outsourced Cash Management

Prosegur recognises that every Gaming or Club is different, and so, while we provide outsourced gaming clearance for a variety of organisations, we don’t take a standard approach to providing you with a solution. We work closely with you to tailor a complete solution in a way that suits your business, the specific physical location and the operational environment. We work with you to ensure the implementation program ensures smooth transition with minimal interruption to your staff and patrons.

Prosegur skilled staff can be on site to manage all aspects of your cash process, from clearing all gaming machines and vault management, collection, transportation, reconciliation and payment into your bank account. Because we are experts at tailored cash management solutions our Gaming clients see an improvement in cash flow by receiving value in their nominated bank account in very short timeframes.

Our outsourced cash management solution provides efficiency and peace of mind so you can focus on your venue and your customers.

Prosegur provide cash management solutions to suit your business and your customers’ needs from cash and change supply, cash collection and processing, to KwikCash ATM supply and services. We tailor solutions for individual clubs to multiple clubs and bars Australia wide.

Prosegur solutions take the stress out of cash handling. Order cash online in any denomination to be delivered directly to your door or instantly view the balance of your cash storage devices across all your locations. Our comprehensive services and portfolio of innovative solutions significantly reduces operational costs while ensuring accuracy and security.

Prosegur provide a wide portfolio of products and services to suit any type of festival, sporting events, live concerts and other entertainment events. Each event is different however they share a common goal – to ensure a safe, enjoyable environment.

We’ll work with you to provide a seamless event with cash management, ATM supply and services readily available, accessible and secure. With branches in every State and Territory across Australia, your cash will be collected, reconciled and deposited into your nominated bank with minimal fuss and maximum ease.