Prosegur provide a wide portfolio of products and services to suit any type of festival, sporting events, live concerts and other entertainment events. Each event is different however they share a common goal – to ensure a safe, enjoyable environment.

We’ll work with you to provide a seamless event with cash management, ATM supply and services readily available, accessible and secure. With branches in every State and Territory across Australia, your cash will be collected, reconciled and deposited into your nominated bank with minimal fuss and maximum ease.

Case Studies

Cash Collection & Processing

There’s a reason why Prosegur are the innovative leaders in the cash-in-transit sector; extensive network of cash processing centres, GPS-monitored security vehicles, highly professional guards and much more.

Cash Management

Cash management service solution allows you to concentrate on your customers while we manage and monitor all your cash processes. Our technologies and systems guarantee maximum security and transparency.

KwikCash ATM Supply & Services

Prosegur have a wide range of ATM devices to suit all premises and your customers’ needs. We work with you to provide a complete supply and support services. Find out why we are a preferred supplier to many of Australia’s large banks & retailers.

KwikBank Cash Automation Solutions

Our revolutionary compact devices sets Prosegur apart from the rest. Our KwikBank solution sorts, reconciles and deposits into your nominated bank across multiple devices and locations.