Prosegur offer comprehensive cash logistics throughout the nation, in every state of Australia. Our trained and highly professional guards can be accompanied with our top-of-the-range, high security armoured vehicles or our lower profile, security vehicles, sometimes referred to as ‘Soft Skin’.

Whether you require cash or coin, in bulk or in individual floats, Prosegur cash in transit service will prepare and promptly deliver the denominations you need.


Online Ordering

Prosegur makes ordering safe, simple and secure. With Prosegur’s CashOrder you can specify the denomination mix, quantity and cash delivery requirements with a few easy steps and receive a confirmation receipt.

Simply log-in to our secure online CashOrder site and follow the prompts. We’ll prepare your order and deliver it direct to your door.



  • Provides a seamless way to order cash
  • Allows a clear denomination mix (cash and coin)
  • Rolled or bulk coin
  • Provides a receipt for an audit trail
  • Simplifies the ordering experience
  • Reduces the opportunity for error
  • Provides a controlled cash order limit (per person)
  • Run reports on orders placed
  • Automated email confirmation
  • No risk of robbery while collecting cash from the bank
  • Reduction of the OH&S risk to your staff exposed to cash handling
  • Extensive insurance coverage
  • Provides peace of mind

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