Managing all your cash processing in real-time.
Many businesses do not consider the time and resources invested in cash handling and processing. With Prosegur cash management solutions you will have peace of mind knowing all your transactions are promptly and securely managed.


Total cash management in real-time.We’ll work with you to provide a seamless event with cash management, ATM supply and services readily available, accessible and secure. With branches in every State and Territory across Australia, your cash will be collected, reconciled and deposited into your nominated bank with minimal fuss and maximum ease.


Innovative devices and services managing & protecting your cash. Prosegur partner with numerous commercial businesses, providing integrated cash management devices and services. We provide cash management solutions to suit your business and your customers’ needs from cash and change supply, cash collection and processing, to ATM supply and maintenance services.


Servicing and securing your customers’ needs. Our relationship with our clients is an ongoing collaboration from our initial business needs assessment, regular client satisfaction surveys and dedicated national operators available 24/7.

Prosegur is the world’s leading cash management provider, operating in 5 continents (Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America and South America). Locally, we’re partners with many of Australia’s largest banks, retailers and hospitality venues providing a range of cash management solutions.

Once we conduct a free consultation of your cash management processes, it’s easy to see where we create efficiencies. The results don’t stop there; many clients see the important carry-on effect to the rest of the business, employees and their customers.

We are an end-to-end cash management provider that has a full suite of solutions that includes:

  • Cash logistics/security (cash-in-transit).
  • Cash automation via our Cash2Bank intelligent safe devices.
  • Detailed reporting and forecasting.
  • Foreign exchange and valuables logistics.
  • End-to-end ATM solutions including deployment and maintenance via our KwikCash machines.
  • Maintenance services on a range of devices including self-service machines, parking machines, smart safes and more.

We utilize global resources, international solutions and best-practices to offer your business. Whether you’re a large or small organization, you will see the value of Prosegur.

Let us visit your premises, review your cash management process and you will see the cost, time and resource savings.